Over 40+ Studies Show That GMO Is Dangerous!

Oct 16th, 2015

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Over 40+ Studies Show That GMO Is Dangerous!

If you are like many people who get their news from mainstream media, you would think that GMOs aren’t really that bad.  After all, the companies that push the seeds/product say that there’s no research to prove GMOs cause any harm.  This is completely false.

To date, their have been over 40 studies showing that animals fed GM corn and soy suffer from negative health complications.  There’s a website called GMOFREEUSA that has published the entire list of studies.

Currently, only one human study exists. The results weren’t good. The study consisted of seven volunteers, and in three of the seven volunteers the gene that was inserted into the soy – transferred into the DNA of the intestinal bacteria of the volunteers. This is a serious problem, because even after the volunteers stopped eating the soy, the gene continued to function in their intestinal bacteria!

While more studies are needed, the sad truth is we are all part of one giant GMO study. We don’t know what the health complications are long-term from consuming GMO. However, if these studies are any indication – it doesn’t look good. As of right now I would steer clear from GMO, and buy organic as much as possible.

Your health is the most valuable thing in the world.

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